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thank you for your interest in becoming a part of Angelcare!  

You should be aware of the following requirements when applying:


Applications - Applicants must complete and sign the complete application granting permission to Angelcare staff to check references and background information. 


Background Information - Applicants will be screened for criminal history.  We may also conduct Personal Reference checks by phone, email, or in person.


Interview - Applicants must participate in an interview by phone or in person.  The interview will be conducted by an Angelcare staff member.


Signature on Leadership Commitment - Applicants must agree by signature that they understand and will abide by the Leadership Commitment.


Confidentiality of Information - Angelcare staff will keep confidential all information that is received in the applicant selection process.  Selected information will be stored, with limited access, afforded only to staff on a need to know basis as determined by the president or board of directors.


Orientation - If accepted applicants must attend a one-time orientation with a staff member of Angelcare

Preliminary Application
Area of Interest - Option 1
Area of Interest - Option 2

Thanks for your interest in volunteer for Angelcare. You will hear from us soon.

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