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angelcare, inc


Angelcare is dedicated to providing for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of young women facing a crisis pregnancy.


Babies were born to women aged 15–19 years in the US


Births per 1,000 teen girls in Indiana


births per 1,000 teenagers aged

18-19 in the US


When facing an unplanned pregnancy, too many teens lose the support of their family and friends. This vacuum creates a breeding ground for all kinds of social problems, such as poverty, abuse, neglect, and substance abuse.

Angelcare's first line of defense is the essence of our project; the construction of a facility to shelter and mentor up to 12 teens through their pregnancy journey.

- Rita Norwood

 Founder of Angelcare


Several states or programs have reported successful results [on teens participating in Group Homes] in terms of reduced repeat pregnancies (compared with the state average), higher rates of school completion, lower child abuse, and neglect, improved maternal and child health, higher participation in employment, and reduced welfare dependency.

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